Risk Avoidance is the Opposite of Innovation

Think about this. Every modern convenience we enjoy in our daily life would not be possible had certain individuals decided to avoid risk. Take the Wright Brothers for example. They are credited with developing, building and flying the first heavier than air aircraft, the Wright Flyer on December 17, 1903.

Certainly, the safest decision would be to not fly at all, but the Wright Brothers systemically designed and tested various components that would lead to flight. They collected ample data, and did extensive analysis and experienced failure through extensive trial and error. They were doubted and mocked by the geniuses of the day. But they persevered and eventually succeeded. Imagine if the Wright Brothers took the easy way out and just avoided the risk by not proceeding to build the worlds first airplane. Risk avoidance would have stifled one of the greatest innovations in the history of mankind. This is but one example why risk avoidance is the opposite of innovation. There are other examples. Look to everything in your daily life. Every appliance you use. Every communications device. Your automobile. Your transit system. The electricity that powers it all. Everything you take for granted happened because innovation happened. What if risk avoidance applied to all of this? Where would we be? I can think of this for days.


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